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Maaedicare Charitable Foundation (Yayasan Amal Maaedicare) is making significant strides in the field of kidney transplantation, offering hope and a chance at a better life for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease.

The Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) and Maaedicare Charitable Foundation (Maaedicare), two significant non-profit organisations in Malaysia, have teamed up in a breakthrough partnership to deliver free, affordable healthcare in the country.

Maaedicare Charitable Foundation’s Heart Hero 2022 saw an official record into the Malaysia Book of Records for the Most Double Dutch Skips in 30 minutes by Jump Rope professional and TikToker Muhammad Abdul Firdaus Rasid.

Two medical non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country - the Maaedicare Charitable Foundation (Foundation) and the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) - inked a breakthrough partnership to deliver affordable cardiac screenings to cancer patients.

Come 31st August, one lucky Malaysian will take home RM31,000 from the MAA Medicare Cardiac Diagnostic Centre’s Merdeka Bonanza Contest!